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If there was one word to describe you it would be: Ambitious. 👊

But, you’re struggling to get… focused. 😔

You know you’re capable of so much and that you have lots of goals and dreams… but you just don’t quite know how to go about them or you just want to be in a primed state that’s focused and ready.

Basically, you want to be a better focused badass!

As you’re here right now, you might start to notice that this site may be able to help you in quite a few ways.

Just ask yourself if learning the practical ability to do any of these interest you:

  • Build a lifestyle around your goals.
  • Progress rapidly in the career you want.
  • Build gratitude and live a happy and positive life, whilst maintaining a high-ambition drive.
  • + more!

For someone like you, the answer should have been ‘HELL YEAH!’ for all three of those above.



The harsh reality is, the top performers in the world are just playing at a different level to most of us. They are incredibly focused, smart, habitual, routined and strategical people.

This comes as bad news right?

If you’re having doubts, fears or simply believe that you are not going to achieve your massive goal… trust me, I’ve been there.


But the actual truth is, anyone can achieve their potential. The truth is, you too can do great things and can out-perform the average individual output.

I learnt how to (if you give me quick permission to brag) output as much as some of the world-class performers. 

This site is going to be your number 1 source to help you do just that…

Here’s the gist: you’re going to become smarter, more efficient, more effective and better focused…and I’m here to help you do that by giving you the practical value you need.

Our focus here is to, first and foremost, provide practical value. We’ve made this extremely clear in our mission statement. You’ll find entertaining, personal and insightful stories and posts here – but they will all provide as much practical value as possible – meaning there is always something actionable that you can do straight after reading any post.

Wait, who’s actually running this website?

Justin Campbell-Platt (

I’m Justin Campbell-Platt, founder and writer for Betterfocused and for those who want to know a bit more about me and how this site actually came to be, I’ve linked the about page below:

Want to know more about me and how Betterfocused came about?

I’m ready to start now!

Great attitude! Just for you, I’ve split up the most popular and useful posts and videos into some nice categories.

So feel free to simply click around and find the thing you want improving in your life right now 😊

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