My home office setup

Computer/ Monitor

15inch Macbook Pro – for everything work related. My super reliable baby. (I’ve also linked the latest version of this macbook pro)

LG 27″ IPS Monitor – although the exact version I have is no longer on sale, this 23inch version looks great for anyone who wants that double screen action when working (highly recommended!)

LG 27″ IPS Monitor (4k version) – this will be my next purchase, I promise you that… it looks stunning.

Custom Gaming PC – although I no longer play any games and have donated this PC to my younger brother, it’s still the beast that it was all those years ago and is definitely worth a mention



Bamboo Storage Ladder Bookshelf

What’s on my bookshelf 📚  – this where you can find my ultimate reading list



Ikea’s Oppeby – If you notice, the desk is actually not a desk at all, its actually a dining table from Ikea. I needed a desk that could fit a lot of things onto it. This includes my speakers, a macbook, monitor and other desk accessories. So when purchasing this, my intention was to have a large, beautiful and glossy desk. I got exactly what I paid for.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the desk I have is no longer available as one piece, but you can still buy it in two pieces: the table top and the legs. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a great Ikea desk, I couldn’t recommend this one enough!


What’s On My Desk

Apple Wireless Keyboard – surprisingly tactile and comfortable to use

Leather Desk Organiser – great if you have a few devices

Bose Speakers – the best quality speakers I’ve ever owned and I refused to part ways with these beauties!

LOADS of Muji Pens – I’m in love with these

Moleskin Plain Pocket Notebook – for journaling, which kind of like free therapy – try it!

Moleskin Ruled Notebook – for plans, lists and ideas

Seagate 2TB Hard Drive – cause it’s badass and rapid

Forever Spin Spinning Top – helps me focus whilst I think and… because Inception!

Ikea Fake Desk Plant – because they look cool and who waters plants anyway haha?

Blue Yeti Microphone – my microphone I use for audio notes and my videos


Personal Assistant

Amazon Echo – but the Echo Dot is a cheaper, compact option

iPhone’s Siri



LED Light Strips – an absolutely must have!

LED Sphere Ball Lamp

LED Light Bulbs – make your lighting badass

Star Wars Death Star LED – I’ll be getting the Millennium Falcon one next

My next purchase for lighting

Room Candles