My favourite articles, videos and more

Here I’ve listed all of my favourite articles, videos, movies and anything else I find interesting, entertaining or inspiring. This list started as my bookmarks bar but thought it might be useful to place it here!

Feel free to click away and find what you might need most, I’ve spilt the list into easy to read categories for you!

If you’re looking for my favourite books, you can find the list here


5 Ways to upgrade your morning routine – learn to perfect the morning and win the day!

Are You Asking the Right Questions? – Tom Bilyeu explains why you should always be curious

Stoicism: Practical Philosophy – Ryan Holiday brings an ancient philosophy to the modern, busy day

My Last Conversation with Prince, RIP – Neil Strauss beautifully remembers his unique last conversation with a legend



Address is Approximate – a beautiful short film that continuously makes me smile

A kinder, gentler philosophy of success (Alain de Botton Ted Talk) – this guy is phenomenal… and his voice is weirdly soothing aha!

History of Japan – surprisingly informative, but unsurprisingly hilarious

Ego is the Enemy ft Ryan Holiday (leaders create leaders) – a brilliant interview with incredible writer Ryan Holiday

One Life (Gary Vaynerchuk) – powerful and motivational to the core

Fat and Lazy (Casey Neistat) – my favourite vlog episode by the one and only, Casey



Batman Begins


The Matrix

Iron Man




‘Melody A.M.’ by Röyksopp

‘Gran Hotel Buenos Aires’ by Federico Aubel

‘99.9%’ by Kaytranada

‘Awaken, My Love!’ by Childish Gambino