Hi there, you’ve reached the best place to find out how to contact Justin Campbell-Platt – thanks for your interest in connecting with me! 😊  I’m not only grateful but also excited as to our future connection.

Below, I’ve given some directions on the most appropriate way of getting hold of me for various different reasons. I would recommend following them closely as time is precious and I may miss your question or conversation topic! For the most rapid response and for those who simply want to know where they can follow me, I recommend connecting with me on Facebook or Instagram. Those are the two places I’m extremely active and you’re most likely to get a response from me!

Justin Campbell-Platt

Got a tip for me?

If you have something you believe would make a great addition to the site and would bring value the readers or would like to submit a guest post, please contact me via email and give me a short introduction as to who you are and what you’re proposing 😊

Need help or advice?

Chances are, I’ve probably answered your question somewhere on this blog — woohoo! Before sending an email, please use the search button located on the sidebar or in the menu bar.

Product reviews and advertisements

Think you’ve got a product that is relevant and would bring value to the readers here at Betterfocused? Drop me an email.

It’s worth noting, that I only promote products that I have actually tested or whole-heartedly support, so make sure that your product is not only relevant but make sure that you have allocated enough time for me tried and tested the product myself.

Hire me to speak

More info on that coming soon…

Got something else?

If I didn’t answer your question above or you’d like to email me about something else (even just to say hi!), then you can contact me here:  Thank you!