People I’m thankful for…

Betterfocused People

Expressing gratitude for me is extremely important. I wanted to keep a list so that I could continuously remind myself of all the incredible people who went out of their way to believe in me, push me or give me valuable advice and critical feedback.

I felt that putting that list here would be appropriate as it would also allow me to give credit where credit is due to help the Betterfocused journey possible today.

For those of you on this list: you are the immediate people who have affected my worldview and my purpose – so thank you deeply. 

This list is in no particular order; in fact, I made sure that the list was totally randomised – you’re all equally badass in my opinion. If you feel as though you should be on my list, please forgive me, I clearly had not had enough green tea when attempting to remember names. Please feel free to remind me of your incredible deed, but know that before you are even on this list, I am already very grateful for everything you have done.

Thank you so much…

Ilse Crawford – for showing me through example that – quality is always king (or queen)

Tom Bilyeu – for showing me the unlimited potential of the human mind

Sam Gaffney – for the 6:30am tea sessions and wake up calls before uni

Dad – for being my inspiration, value keystone provider and for teaching me the value of being forever curious

Elliot Fogelman – for showing me the most impactful book of my life and for staying pumped on the green teas

Steve Funkyfeet – for showing me the wonders of live Jazz and sending me that absolutely badass playlist

Dr. Joseph Jen – for giving me the value of the ‘toolbox’ theory and inspiring me to start Betterfocused

Neil Strauss – for being my writing mentor, and for the best ’30 days of genius’ interview

Derek Green – for knowing more about Japan than I do and for the unparalleled life advice

Chloe – for the insane amount of endless love and support you give me daily; I spend every day giving my all to repay you, and yet you continue to ‘one up’ me every time – I love you always

Adam Vickers – for everything, you’ve been my greatest mentor… I owe you so much

Ibad Shaikh – for the endless awesome conversations about complex concepts

Evan Puschak – for pushing me to constantly continuing the pursuit of growing my worldview

Ryan Holiday – for keeping humbled, always

Connor Morrin – for being my best friend, supporter from the start but most importantly for the ‘terio’ (you know.)

Kelly Leigh – for the day you bought green tea and everyday since then

Ade Oladejo – for teaching me how to ‘kick it’!!!

Shivan – for always believing in me and for not pushing your love of rom-coms onto me too hard…

Etsuko, Jon and Kyle – for conversations on our shared passion of James Bond and for the inspiring musical influence

Noah Kagan – for instilling me with a love for tacos and business

Luke – for being the coolest brother ever, I’m still trying to learn how to be so naturally calm and cool… oh and for everything hip-hop related

Todd Protheroe – for those countless hours on Battlefield 3 in my early teens… wood PC

Jake Dakin – for teaching me to stay away from Casinos and for that awesome Batman all-nighter we did at the IMAX in London

Joel Runyon – for making the impossible more possible

Mum – for giving me the enthusiasm and passion I have instilled in me today… oh and for all those awesome lunches

Hans Zimmer – for: Interstellar. Batman. Inception. COME ON!

Danielle Leigh – for all the tv show and design conversations… and the constant stream of tea

Zak Peric – for, simply, pushing me to be better

Dom London – for being an awesome gym buddy… who then decided to surpass me totally

Shabz Khuzema – for organising the boat in Amsterdam and for making my whole kitchen green with that avocado juice

Tom Holt – for sending me weekly jokes on WhatsApp consistently, even after we stopped working together #mfclub

Omar Ehsan and family – for welcoming the incredible conversations that I always wanted at dinner parties

Ojiichan – for being the source of my best traits. I miss you

Brian Merison – for being an incredible progress check-in from childhood until today… and for being a fashion guru

Will Howells – for providing me with a interesting perspective that only you could ever give

Liam Curran – for the meditation chats… and for always coming through with the yoghurts

Chyrso – for giving me a grounded after thought… and keeping my brother grounded and sane

Mason – for not putting me down too much for my awful haircuts I went through

Obaachan – for instilling discipline and focus into my nature

Marino, James, Flora and Tillia – for endless laughter, support and funny faces

Evan Carmichael – for giving me access to the ideas and thoughts of a plethora of people to be inspired by

Jeremy Piven – for Ari Gold… countless hours of uncomfortable laughter were caused by you

Nenna – for always keeping me focused

Tobias Revell – for an incredible year and for not getting angry that EVERYONE USED HELVETICA ALL THE TIME

Mike Doran – for making me aware of the beautiful UI design career path and teaching me the ways of the ‘northerner’ sense of humour

Nikos Petounis – for ‘me hold’ and ‘eye-test’… ne?

All the Sprigge’s – for inspiring my deeply with the importance of family values and exploration of the world and all of it’s knowledge

Yukami’s – for the years of great memories, knowledge and food!

Doris – for being the sweetest lady in the world

Miyaz Ehsan – for progress chats and chipping in only a fiver toward a meal!!

Elon Musk – for recapturing my imagination and love for science

Musa Aydin – for getting me in the gym and for teaching me the importance of practical skills

Sola Aine – for the conversations in our occasional train journeys together… ‘big session’!

David Vernon – for believing in the 16 year old Justin and allowing him to experiment whilst giving him real, unparalleled start-up/ early business knowledge

Bradley Cooper – for Eddie Morra and for producing the Limitless TV series #renewforseason2

I appreciate you all. 🙏