Apps and Websites

This is a list of tools, resources, apps and websites that I not only recommend but also use often. In fact, many of the resources listed here are crucial to running this blog and being extremely productive. Note: I have tested and use every recommendation on this page and boy have I had fun doing so 💻

Feel free to click away and find what you might need most, I’ve spilt the list into easy to read categories for you!

Desktop Apps and Websites – what I use to host my websites (highly recommended for their great price!)

Themeforest – where I go to buy premium wordpress themes to make slick websites – one of the best focus tools I’ve ever used

Clear – my favourite to-do list app with cloud features that sync up with your phone which is pretty neato! – website that plays rainnoises that helps you relax, focus and sleep – a great app that features music explicitly designed to help you focus on your work

Alfred – if you like to search with ease, this is a great mac app that I use often


Physical Tools

Business Cards – handing out these beauties have gotten me plenty of professional opportunities

Moleskine Notebook – I absolutely love taking notes and writing, and Moleskine’s notebooks are my favourite

Whiteboard – for planning and big reminder messages such as this

ForeverSpin Spinning Top – A beautiful spinning top straight out of Inception that helps me focus when I’m thinking


iPhone Apps

Habitica – an amazing habit and to-do list tracker

Memrise – learn languages with ease!

Pause – a simple yet incredibly effective meditation tool

Forest – focus and distraction destroyer

Calm – a guided meditation tool I highly recommend for beginners and all above

Touchnote – send meaningful and personal, physical postcards and prints to your family – play chess online! Come play me: justincampbellp

Meetup – find events and network with others in your expertise and interest