What is Betterfocused & who runs it?

Hi, welcome to Betterfocused! My name is Justin Campbell-Platt and I am infatuated with writing, self-awareness, self-improvement and getting shit done… and this is my site! Everything you read on this site comes from things I’ve tried and tested.

Justin Campbell-Platt

What’s your story?

Well, my story actually started when I was 14. As an extremely restless and curious teenager, I started my first blog which reviewed video games, movies and apps…

What started as just an outlet for my thoughts and opinions, quickly grew to have a sizeable audience, part-time writers and an advertisement revenue stream and sponsorship deals. This was the start of my growth toward becoming extremely self-aware and productive.

Skip to age 16, and I’ve started working for a tech start up (which has now been listed as part of the Deloitte 2016 Technology Fast 500 EMEA) as a UI designer.

Seeing a company playing at this level from such a young age definitely gave me a slight edge in the tech space. This slight edge has given me great opportunities and you can now find me in places such as massive online magazine: ThoughtCatalog, Cosmopolitan, Thrive Global and Medium.

Since then, I’ve worked at digital design agency, worked internationally for a huge organisation in countries such as Canada, Brazil and Ireland, and now you can find me full time working as a UI/UX app designer for a popular app company in trendy Shoreditch, London.

But despite my full-time career taking up a lot of my time, I’ve also offered my services as a freelance designer, given growth marketing advice, ran two websites and started Betterfocused!

So wait… how have you gotten so much done?

Mastering productivity and focus have been extremely key to me. Over the years, I’ve dedicated a huge portion of my time to learning from some of the top world-class performers and more interestingly, experimenting various systems and ways of working in order to perfect my regiments and routines for optimum output. I’ve written about everything in this in-depth look at becoming the Betterfocused badass I set out to be a while back.

What makes you so special?

Well to be quite honest, apart from great parents and being surrounded by awesome people – nothing really! In fact, I have been through many embarrassing failures and whilst I have seen some early successes already, I do consider this only the beginning of a journey. I want to make it clear that just about anyone can build up their productivity, focus and self-awareness levels and I hope that I can assist in you doing so. If you want to get in contact with me, you can find me here.

Justin Campbell-Platt

For anyone who is interested as to why I look the way I do – it’s because: I’m half Japanese, half British and all booknerd.

How Betterfocused started + our mission statement:

One evening, I had the pleasure of having an incredible conversation over dinner with an extremely successful and well established man. Dr. Joseph Jen saw over four agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture during the Bush administration. Dr. Jen was also division chairman of the University of Georgia’s Division of Food Science and Technology in Athens, Georgia.

During this inspiring, once in a lifetime dinner, I asked him a simple question: “what would you do if you were 20 again?”

He said “nothing different.” This is a man with zero regrets and ultimate fulfilment.

But then he quickly followed up by telling me what he did when he was 20. “I realised that I had a toolbox and that whilst I was young, I should spend my time filling that toolbox… this could be with skills, knowledge and (what he referred to as, simply) tools.”

This is not your ordinary blog. We don’t write SEO heavy, generic and empty self-help blog posts. The days of trying to stand out by simply applying a few web-friendly techniques are long gone. We at Betterfocused believe in practical value. We take real stories and practical advice learnt from curiosity, research and testing ourselves.

Betterfocused was founded the night I sat with Dr. Joseph Jen. I realised that I wanted to fill my toolbox and by sharing the journey of doing so, I could help others in doing the same.

Our Mission Statement, is to promote a true understanding of positivity and fulfilment by ‘filling the toolbox’ (providing practical value) and in turn, also making people extremely self-aware.

The process of building a toolbox worth having gives a human something special. It gives them the ability to know themselves and to therefore be able to approach anything, with complete confidence and satisfaction, for the rest of their lives. As Rene Descartes says:

“I doubt therefore I think, I think therefore I am”.

So come along with us here and join the journey for us all – the journey to becoming more intelligent, self-aware and focused… betterfocused.